Roberto Nascimento




Gorilla Ventures



Roberto has been working in technology and real estate for 19 years. He was co-founder and CEO of ZAP for 5 years, CEO of Imovelweb for 2 years, CTO and CMO of Grupo Lopes (Brokerage Firm listed in Brazilian Stock Exchange) for 5 years, and Founder of Suahouse (Leading CRM and Transaction Platform for Developers sold to VivaReal in 2015).

In 2019 he founded Gorilla Ventures with other 3 partners and leads the first project called Kzas which has the goal to revolutionize the way people buy homes in Brazil.

When he is not working, he tries to be a good husband, father of 5 children, and race on Triathlon, Cycling and Running. He is a 2:55 marathoner and top Age Group Finisher on the Ironman in Hawaii.

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