Michael J. Nijenhuis


Founder, co-owner and CEO




(The Netherlands)

In 1997, after University Michael started his career in direct- and database marketing and kept his love for data driven technology.

from 2000 – 2005 he was business director for Viacom (instore and field marketing) for large consumer brands, where in introduced the first questionnaire forms on PDA’s, delivering accurate and real time insights from the shop floor to the brands

from 2006 to 2010 Business consulting for KPN, British American tobacco and Heineken all  starting with new technologies from data driven analysis to changing behavior of consumers or internally the marketeers and sales people.

2010- 2012 Switch to the new upcoming market of online and international payments (and identification / authentication) With RBS Worldpay. Which lead to my independent consulting role with the government.

2012 -2015 special consultant for the government on international payments (Justice, Foreign Affairs, Min. of Finance), where I wrote the tender for payments worlwide.

2015 I also started a company called point2pay, which enabled small craftsmen to have customers pay via mobile and a mobile pin device. That same year we started Uwhuismeester (your caretaker), that started in 2016 with it’s first campaign, leading to a staggering number of orders in painting privately owned dwellings.

2017 Akzo Nobel was thrilled and nervous at the same time. How could it be that a newco rises to become the largest buyer in one year. Akzo became a share holder in our international venture ZRVCS.com (Zervices)

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