Andrew Olejnik


CEO & Co-founder





Andrew is a founder of Homsters – Homsters builds solutions to automate the marketing of new property developments. Products are currently being used by property portals and developers to market over 5,000 real estate projects around the world. The list of Homsters partners using our products includes Dubizzle, OLX Group, Hurriyet Emlak and others. Homsters operates globally out of offices in Singapore, Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan.
Andrew is a Polish national, has a background in private equity and venture capital. Before founding Homsters in 2015 he was involved in multiple fast-growing companies in ecommerce, digital marketing and finance across multiple European and Asian markets.
Homsters helps global online classifieds and property portals tap into an additional revenue pool by providing a plug’n’play solution for the new development segment. The Homsters data-driven platforms drive real estate and mortgage transactions by utilizing each user’s behavioral statistic to create a personalized experience and self-improving marketing campaigns. The Homsters platforms currently operate on 5 markets and are used among others by Schibsted (Hungary), Hurriyet Emlak (Turkey) and other leading classifieds.