As traditional classifieds business transition to capture more of the transaction value, they face challenges in creating value for the shareholders and their customers.

More than 30 C-level speakers from leading innovative marketplaces will share their real-life experiences as they create greater value for all their stakeholders.

The summit will be curated by our founder Simon Baker, the former CEO of the REA Group, Chairman of the Mitula Group & Real Estate Investar and serial digital investor.

The entire Online Marketplaces industry will come together in Miami Beach to learn, network and enjoy amazing social events.


Tuesday 4th June


08:30 – 09:00: Registration 


09:00 – 17:00: Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Simon Baker is the founder and Chairman of Property Portal Watch, former CEO of the REA Group and serial digital investor. He will look at best practices in global consumer marketing, industry sales, product development, company structure and capital raising.


You will learn how to

– Structure your business
– Generate and drive leads
– Glean approaches to marketing and building relationships
– Get tips on what to do (and not to do) when capital raising

The objectives of the session

– Accelerate online classifieds growth and minimize wastage of time / money / effort
– To challenge how you are currently approaching your business
– To provide exposure on what others are doing around the world
– Provide practical ‘how to’ steps that any classifieds site can implement tomorrow
– To learn from each other



17:00 – 19:30: Drinks and networking at La Vista Terrace (only for Masterclass Attendees)

13:00 – 13:15  Simon Baker / Peter M. Zollman

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global) / Founding Principal, The AIM Group (USA)

Day 1 – Kick Off

Overview of the 3 days and housekeeping and Introduction of the hosts


Session 1 – Strategic Trends in Moving from Classifieds to Transactions


13:15 – 13:45  Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Chasing Transactions – Evolution of Classifieds Marketplaces

Online classifieds sites generally start life with the objective of building high quality content (usually listings), attracting people to that content, and then driving leads back to the advertiser.  However, as these sites learn more about their audience, they realize they can capture more value from each visit by moving closer to the transaction.

This presentation outlines the pressure on the existing classifieds players, how they are changing their business models to chase transactions, and finally the rise of new transaction focused players.


13:45 – 14:10  Ariel Lebowitz

Global Head of M&A, OLX Group (Netherlands)

Strategic Trends in the Online Classifieds Industry

The OLX Group is the operator of online classifieds sites and marketplaces around the world. Ariel is the Global Head of M&A and is responsible for identifying and executing the acquisition of new businesses around the world.

This session discusses the strategic trends in online classifieds and marketplaces and looks at how these may impact players around the world.


14:10 – 14:35  Jonathan Turpin

Principal, The AIM Group (United Kingdom)

Autos Marketplaces – The Move to The Transaction

Across all segments of the online classifieds and marketplaces industry, there is a relentless transition to the transaction.

This presentation uses real world examples to demonstrate how various companies are fully embracing the move to the transaction.


14:35 – 15:00 Toby Chapman and Mostyn Goodwin

Partners, OC&C Strategy Consultants (United Kingdom)

Classifieds 3.0 – The Next Wave of Growth

OC&C work with leading marketplaces and online classifieds businesses around the world.

This presentation looks at the key challenges facing marketplaces and online classifieds businesses as the industry enters the next wave of growth – and how these players are innovating new products and changing their business models.  In particular they will provide real case studies from leading cars, jobs and homes classifieds businesses.


15:00 – 15:45 Networking Break

Brought to you by

Coffee and tea provided in Sponsor’s area

Session 2 –Challenges and Opportunities of the Emerging Markets


15:45 – 16:10 Renata Lorenz

Chief Operating Officer, GrupoZap (Brazil)

Growth Opportunities in the Brazilian Market

GrupoZap is the result of the merger between the Globo backed Zap and VivaReal.  The combined group is now the largest real estate marketplace in the Brazilian market.  With over 23 million visits per month, the Group has developed a great platform to launch a range of products and services to the Brazilian real estate industry.

This session looks at how VivaReal and Zap came together to create Brazil’s largest property marketplace and how they are approach the growth of the business.


16:10 – 16:35  Gabriel Peralta

CEO, Inmoclick (Argentina)

Using Innovation to Address the Challenges of the Argentinian Market

Inmoclick operates in the Argentinian market and as with all emerging markets there are a range of challenges not often seen in established markets.

This session looks at how Inmoclick is using innovation to tackle the challenges of its market and the success it is having.


16:35 – 17:00  Martha del Torre

CEO, El Clasificado (USA)

Building a Business for the Future LATAM and Hispanic Customer

El Clasificado started life targeting the US Hispanic customer and has since expanded its operations to 47 major Spanish speaking zones across the US, Central and South America.

In rolling out its cross-market platform, the team at El Clasificado has to keep an eye on the future and build a fit-for-purpose product the meets their customer’s current and future needs.

This presentation looks at ley trends in the LATAM / Hispanic markets and discusses how these are likely to impact the future consumer.


17:00 – 17:25  Simon Bray

CEO Marketplaces, Lifull Connect (Global)

Evolving from Classifieds to Transactions – Lessons Learned from the Thai Market

The DotProperty Group operates a series of property portals throughout the SE Asian market.  Their strongest market is the Thai market and over the last 18 months, they have transitioned their business from a classifieds only model to a combined classifieds and transaction model.

This presentation looks at a range of learnings from the value of using Facebook and aggregation traffic to the challenges of lead profiling and making the transaction work.


17:25 – 17:30  Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Day 1 Wrap Up


18:00 – Onwards:  Drinks

At La Vista Terrace, The Edition Hotel

08:50 – 09:00  Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Day 2 – Kick Off

Overview of day 2 and housekeeping


09:00 – 09:30 Nicki Dexter

SVP, People and Communications, Adevinta

A Trip Through Time with an International Marketplaces Leader

Adevinta, the result of the demerger of Schibsted into two separate companies, is a leading owner and operator of digital marketplaces.  The company operates in 16 countries in Europe, LATAM and Nth Africa and includes brands such as Leboncoin (FR), InfoJobs (ES), Subito (IT), and Segundamano (MX).

This presentation looks at why Adevinta was set up, its mission, and how the company sees the future of digital marketplaces.


Session 3 – Excellence in Operations and Technology (Part 1)


09:30 – 09:50  Krishna Kumar

Director of Sales – Bot Management, Radware (India)

Francois-Emmanuel Piacentini & Samundeswary Ramachandra

CTO, (France) / Deputy CTO, (France)

How ShieldSquare Helps CarBoat Media in France Protect Against Bots

Online marketplaces face multiple challenges with the threat from bots, more specifically bad bots, being one of the main ones.

CarBoat, one of the largest online marketplaces from France and a part of the Axel Springer group, is a sufferer of bad bots.

In this session CarBoat’s CTO, Francois-Emmanuel Piacentini, discusses how a bot management tool helped CarBoat strengthen its security and reduce its operating costs by blocking malicious bots and managing good bot traffic.

Mr. Francois will be joined by Deputy CTO – Samundeswary Ramachandra and Mr. Krishna Kumar from ShieldSquare, and together they will also shed light on how online marketplaces can benefit from a dedicated bot management solution.


09:50 – 10:10 Nicolas Guillaud 

CEO, Apimo (France)

Case Study: How CRM is Helping Frontier Market Portals Get Closer to their Customers

Online classifieds site operators around the world are working to get closer to their customers – the advertiser.  In many markets, we see online classifieds businesses buying CRM providers.  Apimo has partnered with in Cambodia to roll out a white label CRM system to agents in selected frontier markets.

This case study looks at how is rolling out the Apimo CRM and what impact it is having on the local market.


10:10 – 10:35  Ephraim Bander

Chief Revenue Officer, Eye Square (USA/Germany)

Growing Attention in Digital

You can pre-test your ads live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and all social media sites to see which ads generate the most user engagement. Eye Square helps major advertising companies, brands and ad-data companies test the impact of a campaign in a live environment to determine whether the ad will be successful. Eye Square measures behavioral metrics like visual attention, reaction times and all consumer interactivity as well as explicit feedback like surveys and interviews.

The presentation provides valuable insights into the learnings Eye Square has developed and how marketplaces can best structure their creative and marketing mix to generate the best results.

10:35 – 11:20  Networking Break

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Coffee and Tea provided in foyer

11:20 – 11:45  Jorge Mejia

CEO, LATAM Autos (Mexico, Ecuador)

Transitioning from a Classifieds Business Model to a Transaction Model

LATAM Autos started life as a series of auto classifieds sites in Latin America.  While the business delivered solid growth from its classifieds business, it encountered a number of challenges including gaining strong traction amongst car dealers and capturing a greater slice of the advertising pie.

The company pivoted in its key markets of Mexico and Ecuador to focus more on transaction-based revenues from the sale of financing, insurance and GPS tracking tools.

This session looks at how the company pivoted from a classifieds model to a transaction-based model, the challenges it faced and the value it has created.


11:45 – 12:05  Ryan Gallagher  

CEO and Founder, IOVOX (United Kingdom)

David Coleman

Product & Service Leader, Auto Trader (United Kingdom)

Getting the Most of Inbound Customers Communications – Spotlight on AutoTrader UK 

As online classifieds transform into marketplaces and move closer to the transaction, analyzing inbound customer communication becomes even more important.

This presentation looks at how iovox is helping AutoTrader UK get closer to their customer outcomes, and how iovox can help in the future.



Session 4 – A Deep Dive on Motoring – Where This Segment Goes Next


12:05 – 12:30  Matt Weinberg

SVP of Consumer Experience, Drive Motors (USA)

5 Biggest Challenges to Online Retailing and How to Profitably Overcome Them

This presentation will explore the 5 biggest challenges to effective online retailing, identify the root cause of these challenges, and discover how to overcome them, profitably. It will explore the strategies dealers are using to overcome these challenges in every aspect of their business, from their website to their marketing strategies to their sales team.


12:30 – 12:50  Joe Webb

President and Founder, DealerKnows (USA)

Best Practice in Lead Management

For years marketplaces, have been accused of generating less than ideal leads when customers don’t convert these leads into a sale. However, it is rarely the fault of the company providing the leads.

Joe Webb will share best practices and supporting data on how follow-up processes, particularly in the motoring industry, are the core cause of a poor conversion ratio of leads to sales.  He will also provide an overview of how companies are addressing this issue with strong improvement in lead conversion.

12:50 – 14:10  Lunch and networking break

Brought to you by

Session 5 – Pitch Club


14:10 – 15:25 Pitch Club

Guest Judges:

Gonzalo Ortiz

Director, Inceptium Capital (Spain)

Malcolm Myers

Founder, European Internet Ventures (Switzerland)

Companies Pitching:

TodoBusco – Jessica Nagle, CEO (USA)

Twyzle – Paul Ezelle, Co-Founder (Canada)

CarCutter – Stefan Fedl, CEO (Austria) – Roberto Nascimiento, Founder (Brazil)

Zervices – Michael J. Nijenhuis, Founder, co-owner and CEO (The Netherlands)

Watch 5 innovative companies pitch their business for funding.  Selected from a range of applicants, these businesses have interesting stories, strong potential and capable management teams.


Each company will present for 6 min on their business followed by a 6 min Q&A session from the judges.


15:25 – 16:10 Networking Break

Brought to you by

Coffee and Tea provided in foyer

Session 6 – Excellence in Operations and Technology (Part 2)


16:10 – 16:35  Sascha Krause / Alexander Hoffman

Industry Head Classifieds, Google Germany (Germany) / Industry Manager and Data Strategy Lead,
Google Germany (Germany)

As the online classifieds industry moves from classifieds to transactions, the purchase of traffic also changes.  Companies need to change their mind set from acquiring as much traffic as possible at the lowest price to acquiring as much traffic as possible at the highest profit.

In their presentation, Sascha Krause and Alexander Hoffmann look at how this can be done, how to calculate profit, what new skill sets are necessary, and what tech solutions are out there to helps companies.


16:35 – 16:55  Roberto Angulo

CEO, Recruitology (USA)

Using AI to Improve Results – Lessons from the Online Jobs Industry

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the delivery of results for marketplaces. Roberto Angulo will cover how Recruitology uses AI and related concepts to deliver better results to advertisers in order to grow revenue and market share. His overview will cover AI and related concepts, as well as how they implemented this technology into their business model.


16:55 – 17:15 Deborah Salons

Senior Product and Privacy Counsel,(USA)

Privacy Update in the Global Marketplace

In order for a marketplace to be successful, it is critical to integrate privacy solutions into the product so that users have meaningful control of their data. If you are thinking of scaling your product across jurisdictions, it is important to understand and anticipate how different regulations might impact your product design. Last year GDPR was all the rage, but what other global privacy regulations impact online marketplaces?

In this session we will look at important emerging privacy laws and the value of designing products with privacy in mind.


17:15 – 17:35  Peter Zotto

General Manager, Profit Well (USA)

Value Based Pricing Lessons from 10,452 Companies

Pricing is like the mythical creature of strategy. From seed startups to seasoned enterprise behemoths, there’s an alarming level of pricing the world is merely guessing on – and ProfitWell has the data to prove it.

Join GM Peter Zotto in a monetization breakdown to unpack what they’ve extracted from over ten thousand companies on value-based pricing strategy, and why getting it wrong is not an option. You’ll uncover the top pitfalls, strategic insights on industry trends, and tactical tools to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


17:35-17:55 Chad Pollitt

VP, Inpowered (USA)

Using AI to Eliminate Paid Media Waste in Content Distribution

Online paid media is notorious for being rife with waste with up to 66% of clicks leading to a bounce in less than 15 seconds. AI has the potential to reduce and even eliminate this wastage by focusing content distribution marketing spend on high value, quality content engagement.

This presentation will feature benchmark data from multiple industries and show content marketers how to use artificial intelligence to eliminate paying for bounces from their distributed content.


17:55 – 18:00 Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Day 2 Wrap Up


20:00 – Onwards  – Drinks

Brought to you by Lifull Connect & Apimo

At Tropicale, The Edition Hotel

09:00 – 09:05 Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Day 3 – Kick Off

Overview of day 3 and housekeeping


Session 7 – General Classifieds – Trends and Challenges


09:05 – 09:30 Lacey Sheardown

President, (Canada)

From Local to National –Building a National Player is a household word in the Victoria, BC market in Canada.  The challenge for the team is to take this well know local classifieds site to a national audience.

This presentation discusses how the team are growing their business using their relationship with community newspapers, their solid technology platform and a “can do” culture.


09:30 – 09:55  Anas Elayyan

Chief Commercialization Officer, Opensooq (Jordan)

Challenges of Building an Online Marketplace in the Arab World

OpenSooq is a classifieds marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products and services across a wide range of categories that includes automotive, real estate, jobs, electronics, home, fashion, and other products and services.

OpenSooq is the undisputed leader across MENA in mobile classifieds and leads across web and mobile in key categories and markets, including Saudi is the leading mobile classifieds platform of the Middle East & North Africa Region (MENA).

This session looks at how they have built their business, the challenges they face as they continue to expand in these markets, and their approaches to monetization.


09:55 – 10:20 Eric Finnas Dahlstrom

CEO, James Edition (USA)

Lessons Learned from Scaling Avito and How They Have Been Applied to James Edition

Eric is the former head of classifieds at the Russian general classifieds site, Avito.  During his time there, Avito scaled rapidly to become a market leader.  Since leaving Avito, Eric has taken on the role of CEO of the global luxury general classifieds site – James Edition.

This interview looks at how Avito achieved this leadership position, the challenges it faced in competing with verticals, how it approached internal verticalization, monetization, and marketing.  It also looks at how these lessons have been applied to James Edition.


10:20 – 10:45 Gilles Despas

CEO, Scout 24 (Switzerland)

Innovation Driven Leadership in the Swiss Market

Scout24 is the leading owner and operator of marketplaces in the Swiss market.  They work across cars, homes and general classifieds.

This session discusses the challenges they face in the Swiss market and how innovation is helping them keep one step ahead of the competitors.

10:45 – 11:30 Networking Break

Brought to you by

Coffee and Tea provided in foyer


Session 8 – The Future of Online Classifieds and Marketplaces


11:30 – 11:55 Anton Zabannykh

CEO, Yandex.Classifieds (Russia)

Yandex and the Future of Marketplaces

Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and provides its customers over 70 different services from search to classifieds advertising.

This session looks at how Yandex has built its business and where it sees the online classifieds businesses ( and evolving to.


11:55 – 12:20  Gabriel Gruber

Real Estate Director LATAM, OLX (Argentina)

AI in Marketplaces – How OLX Thinks About the Opportunity

OLX is a global leader in online marketplaces.  As such, it is exploring how AI can be utilized to drive greater interaction with the consumer and greater conversion to sales.


12:20 – 12:45  Malcolm Myers

European Internet Ventures (Switzerland)

The Future of Classifieds and Marketplaces

With over a decade’s experience in M&A and capital raising for online marketplaces and online classifieds businesses, Malcolm Myers has seen it all.

This presentation looks at where the online classifieds and marketplaces industries are heading and how existing players can prepare for the future and where new players can exploit weaknesses to capture new opportunities.


12:45 – 13:00 Simon Baker

Founder/Executive Chairman, Online Marketplaces – Property Portal Watch (Global)

Conference Wrap Up



  • Simon Baker

    Founder & Executive Chairman


    Online Marketplaces


  • Nicki Dexter

    SVP - People & Communications




  • Dr. Sascha Krause

    Industry Head Classifieds




  • Renata Lorenz

    Chief Operating Officer


    Grupo Zap


  • Gabriel Gruber

    Real Estate Director Latam


    OLX Group


  • Martha de la Torre


    (United States)

    El Clasificado


  • Ariel Lebowits

    Head of M&A

    (United States)

    OLX Group


  • Gilles Despas



    Scout24 Schweiz AG


  • Lacey Sheardown




  • Alexander Hoffman

    Industry Manager & Data Strategy Lead




  • Eric Finnas



    James Edition


  • Gabriel Peralta





  • Deborah Salons

    Senior Product & Privacy Counsel

    (United States)



  • Nicolas Guillaud





  • Ryan Gallagher

    CEO & Founder

    (United Kingdom)



  • Toby Chapman


    (United Kingdom)

    OC&C Strategy Consultants


  • Chad Pollitt

    VP of Marketing, Adjunct Professor

    (United States)



  • Mostyn Goodwin


    (United Kingdom)

    OC&C Strategy Consultants


  • Jonathan Turpin


    (United Kingdom)

    AIM Group


  • Ephraim Bander

    Chief Revenue Office


    eye square


  • Matt Weinberg

    SVP of Consumer Experience


    Drive Motors


  • Roberto Angulo





  • Simon Bray

    COO Marketplaces


    Lifull Connect


  • Peter Zotto

    General Manager




  • Joe Webb



    DealerKnows Consulting


  • Paul Ezelle





  • Anas Elayyan

    Chief Commercialization Officer




  • Malcolm Myers

    Founder & CEO


    European Internet Ventures


  • Stefan Fedl





  • Anton Zabannikh





  • David Coleman-Jones

    Product & Service Leader

    (United Kingdom)



  • Francois Emmanuel



    Carboat Media


  • Roberto Nascimento



    Gorilla Ventures


  • Jessica Lynn




  • Krishna Kumar

    Director of Sales




  • Sam Ramachandra

    Deputy CTO


    Carboat Media


  • Jorge Mejía



    LatAm Autos


  • Michael J. Nijenhuis

    Founder, co-owner and CEO

    (The Netherlands)



  • Gonzalo Ortiz






    Online Classifieds And Marketplaces

    Investors And Large Corporates



our masterclass


Simon Baker, founder and Chairman of Property Portal Watch, former CEO of the REA Group and serial digital investor, looks at best practices in global consumer marketing, industry sales, product development, company structure and capital raising.

  • Structure your business
  • Generate and drive leads
  • Glean approaches to marketing and building relationships
  • Get tips on what to do (and not to do) when capital raising

Accelerate online classifieds growth and minimize wastage of time / money / effort

  • To challenge how you are currently approaching your business
  • To provide exposure on what others are doing around the world
  • Provide practical ‘how to’ steps that any classifieds site can implement tomorrow
  • To learn from each other

This is a hands-on program where you learn the A-Z of building a best practice online portal from a global expert in an informal environment.

Whether you are from a mature, emerging or start-up business this is a great way learn first hand what’s required to be a successful portal leader.





Some start-up companies need mentoring (insights on what to do, and even more importantly what no to do). Others need strategic long-term planning. Most need capital. Pitch club is where all these things and more, come together.

Benefit from a room of C-Level market leaders and shakers listening to your concerns and providing real-time advice. You can´t put a Price on that.

Also in the room are global investors, VC companies, and other portals that may find synergy with you, your band or your idea.

Lao Tzu wrote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Pitch Club may very well be that first step in becoming the next unicorn.

Past participants have received funding, board members, and more.

Roberto Nascimento, Founder of  KZAS

“The whole process and experience was well organized and provided interesting feedback and was a great learning experience for me.
Pitching is like a sport……. It takes time, practice, you have to be open to feedback, self awareness, adjustment, but you ultimately you have to compete with others and the Pitch club is really good place.

Nobody should be afraid of participating because the most precious thing is the learning that you receive. Having the instant feedback from the group of panellists on stage was awesome!”


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